Monday, February 03, 2014

Yellow Loveless - My Bloody Valentine Loveless covered by Japanese Shoegazing bands

Stumbled across this great record today. I have always been a fine of the cover LP and this version of the seminal My Bloody Valentine LP Loveless by a range of Japanese shoegrazing bands is brilliant. I don't imagine when Kevin Shield was going mad, staying awake for days and spending all Alan McGee's cash on Loveless he dreamt that one day it would be covered by a wide range of artists from Japan.

The CD never appears to have had a physical release outside of Japan but it can be purchased here  -

The track listing and timing are below:

1 東京酒吐座 – Only Shallow 4:27
2 Goatbed – Loomer 3:19
3 Sodom Project, The – Touched 4:48
4 Lemon's Chair – To Here Knows When 11:18
5 少年ナイフ* – When You Sleep 3:21
6 東京酒吐座 – I Only Said 5:13
7 Age Of Punk – Come In Alone 4:05
8 Boris (3) – Sometimes 8:12
9 Shinobu Narita – Blown A Wish 5:12
10 Lemon's Chair – What You Want 6:19
11 Sadesper Record – Soon 6:21

Nice article at Tiny Mixtapes about the LP  -

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