Monday, February 24, 2014

Hacker Farm - Sumorsaete Flod

I have been a big fan of the Hacker Farm collective since reading a piece in The Wire in May 2013. The collective live and work on an abandoned Farm in the Dorset countryside and the artists include:

Hacker Farm
Kemper Norton
IX Tab

There is a neat little playlist from The Wire - link below

The Hacker Farm collective itself is made up of Farmer Glitch, Kek-W and Bren. The work using dis-guarded and broken electronics, home made sound generators and field recordings. The track Sumorsaete Flod is a new piece of haunting glitchy ambient that was posted up on the 19th February. From the title, artwork, watery field recordings  and wildlife sounds running through the track it is clearly connected to the recent flooding in the Somerset Levels.

For musicians it must be wonderful to be able to produce something and get it out to the public so quickly without having to wait for post production, mixing, pressing and manufacturing. A pithy listen for wet wintry days in the south west of England.

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