Friday, February 14, 2014

Classic Chicago House Mix Tapes

I caught a brief snatch of "Love Can't Turn Around" by Farley "Jack Master" Funk and Darryl Pandy on the radio the other day. Its a great record and it makes me think the first time I heard any "house" music back in 1986 when I would have been 15 years old. There is a piece in the Mike Skinner book (The Streets) about exposure to "club music". For most kids it comes initially via radio, peoples cars and back in the day via Top of The Pops. I was far to young to go clubbing and in the part of south east London I lived in they wouldn't have been playing "house" and they only time I saw a DJ live would be at a school disco or a wedding. I can remember "Love Can't Turn Around" on Top of The Pops and thinking it was wonderful. I had no idea it was a "house" record. I just loved the vocal and the bassline. I was just finding my musical feet/taste at the time and I think I would have been living on diet of The Pet Shop Boys and The The's Heartland LP. Although I ended up mainly as an indie kid/goth with a soft spot for house, acid house and most types of strange hued dance music.

The performance from Top of The Pops  is below and it is every bit as glorious as I remembered it. I always thought I had dreamt the bit of him going on his back at the end, but no there it is.

Big soul vocal hooks over a thumping bassline and electronic drums, what's not to love about that!

I had no idea it was originally a house track called "I Can't Turn Around" by J.M. Silk.

So it opened an internet wormhole and I started to look for some classic house mixes and came across this great blog. A mixtape a week by a US based  "DJ, producer and record nerd" -

There are a wide range of styles covered on the blog including Ghetto House, Post Disco Pre House and a Hi Energy mix.

The Chicago House mix is great, covering a wide range of classic tracks and is well paced and mixed.

Classic Chicago House Mix

I also found this great mix on SoundCloud by Leroy Skibone

Close to an hours worth of classic Chicago House. Track listing below:

Kreem - Triangle Of Love (Remix) (Vocal Mix) - 00:00
Lil Louis - French Kiss (The Original Underground Mix) - 03:33
Farley Jackmaster Funk - Clap'n The Pella - 06:28
Bigger Than Life - World Of Make Believe (World Of Samples) - 10:59
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Nude Photo - 13:46
Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder) - 16:19
The Lincoln Boys - Check It Out (Bad Boy Mix) - 17:50
Bam Bam - Give It To Me (Instrumental Mix) - 19:06
Mix N Tel - Feel The Beat (Mix 2) - 22:09
Kenny Jammin Jason with Fast Eddie Smith - Can U Dance (Can U Drum) - 24:41
Mr Lee - Come To House (Club) - 26:13
Quest - Mind Games (Underground Mix) - 29:23
J.M. Silk - All In Vain (London Mix) - 32:11
Criminal House - Rhythm Talk (Rick's Mix) - 35:46
Mickey Oliver and Ralphi Rosario - Pump Up The Acid - 38:34
Mark Imperial and Dennis Ramirez - Rock This House (Bassline DJ Groove) - 41:06
J.M. Silk - I Can't Turn Around (House Of Trix Mix) - 43:08
Mr Lee - Acid Pump Up London - 47:27
Mark Imperial - J'adore Danser (Club Mix) - 51:45
Armando - 100 Percent Of Disin You Remix (Mike Dunn's House Mix) - 53:31


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