Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rare Smiths Pictures from Moles Club Bath 1983

Some unseen photos of The Smiths playing at Moles Club in Bath back on 16th September 1983. The photos have been published over at the great A Scene Inbetween website.

The photos are across two blog posts and Moles is almost completely empty. I have been to Moles on many occasions and its rare to see it quite that empty. The whole crowd amounted to about 30 people in total!

Morrissey is dressed in a flowery t-shirt (shades of Ian Brown in the Stone Roses), beads and well worn jeans with that famous quiff already in place. In the interview photo's he has a long sleeved polo shirt with the band in  jumpers, jeans and jackets.

It quite interesting to see the clothes that the sparse audience are wearing as well. A mixture of goths, leather jacketed indie fans and waistcoat wearing youths.

The band were gigging hard at the time with them playing 27 gigs in August, September and October 1983. As a big Smith's fan is great to see some new photos of the band and ones that have a very loose personal link as I lived in Bath for 20 years and spent many an evening in club.

The two sets of photos are here:

Set One - http://www.asceneinbetween.com/2013/09/the-smiths-unseen-pics-from-bath-moles.html
Set Two - http://www.asceneinbetween.com/2013/10/the-smiths-part-2-more-bath-83-unseeness.html