Thursday, January 03, 2013

PARALLEL_°41 Number 8 LP 2012

The beautiful and beguling Parallel 41 is a record pieced together by Julia Kent (cello), Barbara De Dominicis voice, field recordings and electronics and Davide Lonardi film making, images, artwork

"...PARALLEL_°41 _Over the past months, Julia Kent, Barbara De Dominicis and Davide Lonardi have been making a musical/visual/improvisatory record as Parallel 41 _the imaginary parallel that ties Naples and New York on the same latitude line. The tracks evolved from a series of extemporary and improvised recording sessions made outdoors and held between September 2009 and august 2010. These sessions are now an album and a little story in images..."

The video below showcase the sound and vision of the band in live setting

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