Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blackest Ever Black Soundcloud Mix

London based electronic label Blackest Ever Black have added a new mix to their Soundcloud Page.

Titled - Hastily Cobbled Together Mix to Herald October 13th Party

A cool mixture of electronica in its darker more haunted hues.

black rain - lo tek (blackest ever black)  
source direct - call & response (science)  
cut hands - krokodilo theme (blackest ever black)  
bruce gilbert - eline cout ii (mute)  
lee gamble - side b excerpt (pan)  
dj slimzee / pay as u go - sidewinder excerpt  
source direct - secret liaison (good looking)  
powell - nude (diagonal)  
raime - you will lift your frame clear (blackest ever black)  
young hunting - dirge (agenda)  
russell haswell - chua rave (regis remix) (downwards)  
cut hands - backlash (susan lawly)  
vatican shadow - cairo is a haunted city (bed of nails)

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