Monday, August 13, 2012

Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger New LP

Very pleasing to hear that Mark Eitzel is going to release a new LP this year.

Don't Be a Stranger will be released by Decor Record in the UK on the first of October.

" May of 2011, Mark suffered a serious heart attack that kept him out of circulation until the following October, forcing him to re-evaluate his lifestyle and habits and take a step back from the recording.  Good luck suddenly appeared in the form of a friend who had just won the lottery and offered to fund his recording in a professional studio. Producer Sheldon Gomberg put together a band that included Attraction’s drummer Pete Thomas and American Music Club guitarist Vudi on a few songs, as well as a full string section and many Los Angeles musical luminaries. The collaboration between Mark and Sheldon had an organic sound resulting in a generous and beautiful record, about which Mark says, “I wanted to make an album more reminiscent of records like Harvest by Neil Young or Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake than anything I’ve previously done..."

The track listing is as follows - 

Tracklist: Mark Eitzel, Don’t Be a Stranger
1. “I Love You But You’re Dead”
2. “The Bill Is Due”
3. “All My Love”
4. “Oh Mercy”
5. “Costume Characters Face Dangers In The Workplace”
6. “Why Are You With Me”
7. “Lament For Bobo The Clown”
8. “Break The Champagne”
9. “We All Have To Find Our Own Way Out”
10. “You’re Waiting”
11. “Nowhere To Run”

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