Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free Grasscut Mix - Shadows and Light Mix

The new Grasscut LP Unearth is a thing of rare beauty. Full of that aching scene of English melancholy married to subtle electronic hymns.

The band have posted a great free mix over at Mixcloud.


“With this mix I've gone from the old (Count John McCormack, Irish tenor from the 1920s) to the new (Gazelle Twin & RYAT), via all sorts of musical footpaths from John Adams to Vaughan Williams to Brian Eno to PIL to Nathan Fake.

The new Grasscut album Unearth has themes of shadows, landscape, and disappearances, and I wanted this mix to follow some of these like a kind of dream sequence.

By featuring artists concerned with landscape like Reigns and Luke Abbott I was trying to find combinations of songs, instrumentals, classical and film music that people hopefully won't have heard before, guided by more by atmosphere than genre. I hope you enjoy it.

Andrew / Grasscut” 

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