Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stealing Sheep – Noah & The Paper Moon

Stealing Sheep – Noah & The Paper Moon

Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep create a heady brew of twisted folk mores, Velvet Underground haze and warped acoustic rhythms. Noah & The Paper Moon is their debut release on Heavenly and it sounds like the Wickerman soundtrack refracted through a half tuned radio. Beautiful folksy melodies shrouded in a gauze of warm drones. It’s the Ghostbox label reimagined by a young Kate Bush.

The spectre of the Nico and John Cale haunts the jaunty folk pop opener I am The Rain. It is a little gem of a track and at 1.49 is over before you get the chance to grasp is beauty. Noah’s Days hangs suspended on a set of gossamer synth chords before the acoustic guitars and bewitching melodies kick in. The machine pulse and slivery guitars of Pass Through You perfectly frame the vocal harmonies, the song dissolving into pools of discordant noise before the ethereal coda closes it out. A heady bewitching brew.

Tony Heywood (C)

Review First Published in Electric Ghost Magazine

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