Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favourite Songs Under Two Minutes in Length

I found this page, Ten Best Indie Songs Under Two Minutes via a friend ‘s Facebook page and its started me thinking. What are my favourite songs that clock in at under two minutes. I found myself drifting back through my record collection looking for songs that I love that a short. The vast number although very brief clocked in at over two minutes. Below is my list of ten songs that last under two minutes. I have gone on the length of the official released studio versions of the songs.

Broken Harp – PJ Harvey (1.59)

Big Black – La Dopa (1.41)

Vic Chesnutt – Super Tuesday (1.26)

Pixies – Something Against You (1.47)

Billy Bragg – Lovers Town Revisited (1.19)

The Smiths – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (1.50)

Jesus and Mary Chain – Taste of Cindy (1.39)

Tom Waits - Johnsburg, Illinois (1.34)

American Music Club – Bad Liquor (1.59)

Scott Walker – 30th Century Man (1.29)