Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Second Hand Culture - My New Site

Hello all have launched a new site that attempts to cover all the stuff I buy second hand. Its called Secondhand Culture and I have done the first two post on Kate Bush's The Kick Inside and Alexander Pope's Selected Poetry.

I have always loved buying stuff second hand and so many of my music discoveries are via second hand records. I can clearly remember buying a my vinyl copy of Closer by Joy Division from a secondhand record shop in Deptford Southeast London. From the market in Deptford were my Dad had a stall selling collectibles I bought a four tapes by The Cure.

I used to buy old jukebox 7" singles from the local News Agents in Herbert Road. I can remember being thrilled when I found a copy of Louise by The Human League.

I have never really stopped buying stuff secondhand and the blog is a homage to that.

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