Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Headphone Commute - Pleq Podcast

Pleq has recorded an amazing mix for the great Headphone Commute. The mix is complied from a selection of his own tracks and remixes and is a beautifully beguiling way to spend 50 minutes.

The tracks are fully of fragile piano notes, warm electronic fuzz and a lovely sense of space and time. You feel like you are inside the electronic dreams of Erik Satie. Do composers dream of electronic bleeps?

This is the full track listing:

1. Pleq – Good Night (offthesky Remix)
2. Pleq – Good Night (Go-qualia Lucid Dreamin Non Rem Sleep Mix)
3. Pleq – Swell Bliss (Downtempo Edition)
4. Pleq – Black Dog (feat. hiiro-tent)
5. Pleq – Good Night (Lauki Remix)
6. Pleq + Nebulo – Code Inconnu
7. Pleq – The Ribbon (Nebulo Remix)
8. Pleq – Dark Bullet From The Abyss
9. Pleq – Metamorphosis Pt. 1
10. Pleq – Raindrop (Spyweirdos Remix)
11. Segue – Blue Wind I [Pleq RMX]
12. Pleq & Anna Rose Carter – A Mirror Sitting

The mix can be downloaded or streamed directly from the headphone commute website.

They also have an interview with him about his new LP which I am now off to purchase on the basis of the podcast.

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