Monday, February 28, 2011

Hype Williams - FACT Mix 216

The ever wonderful FACT magazine have a great Hype Williams mix currently available for download via their website.

The mix combines the various strains of music that feed into the groups own odd mix of 70s soft rock, 90s jungle, 80's synth pop and various strains of dub and reggae. They have also included a some of their own tracks.

The Berlin based duo are surrounded in mystery and may not even be a group in the conventional sense but some kind of long running art project. Either way is an interest mix of sources.

The full track listing is:

buju banton-shiloh
fleetwood mac-dragonfly
steely dan-only a fool would say that
augustus pablo-satta dub
beat happening-red head walking
blue jam-suicide with an escape clause
steely dan-razor boy
hype williams-farthing wood dub
steely dan-haitian divorce
so solid crew-intro
the fall-C.D Win Fall 2088 Ad
ryuichi sakamoto-ice
ruff sqwad-swish
bardeux-when we kiss
lenny bruce-”to” is a preposition,”come” is a verb
burzum-I heimr heljar
eddie okwedy-happy survival
steely dan-babylon sisters
jaheim-jahs seed
hype wiliams-businessline

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