Friday, January 14, 2011

Strand of Oak - Pope Killdragon - Number 1 2010

Pope Killdragon is a record that has wormed its way into my life. It has gotten under my skin and into my mind like no other release this year. Timothy Showalter has produced a collection that melds the loner folk of Bon Iver with some distinctly prog rock sounding keyboard fills. This odd mixture of sources and the stream of conscious lyrics are addictive.

Timothy Showalter for he is Stand of Oaks spent time before the records release living rough after his home had burnt down. However this isn’t a selection of songs full of misery and self-pity. The songs are crammed full of odd images, being Jesus’s Dad, drinking whiskey with JKF, children’s books about celibacy, 12 foot giants and resting actors murdering New York drug dealers. Not your standard singer songwriter fair then!

Bonfire sounds like a beautiful gentle reflective post apcoysle love ballad, Giants Despair is a blast of angry noise., the title track……

A record to get lost in side for weeks.

Stand of Oaks - Myspace Page

Pitchfork Review of Pope Killdragon

Strands of Oak - Sterling Video

Strand Of Oaks - Sterling - House Show from Erik Ljung on Vimeo.


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