Friday, January 14, 2011

The National - High Violet Number 2 2010

The increasing momentum The National have been building since the release of Alligator and that further climbed with Boxer reached a tipping point with High Violet. They have perfected their strain of melancholy literate alt rock into something beautiful, blistering and full of ache. They appear to be one hit single away from leaping from a cult band into the league of Arcade Fire stadium fillers. That they have achieved this without compromising their wine soaked lonely outlook is testament to the high quality of the material and the soul they invest in each release. I think they are far too honest and unblinking to ever cross over. They offer no easy escape routes from the darkness, questions and doubt that informs their muse. Long may they keep on keeping on.

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The National - Anyone's Ghost (Live Uncut)


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