Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raime EP Review

The debut release from Raime is an arty, post-dubstep treacle black delight. Details about ehe duo are as sparse as the bands fractured soundscapes. Released on Blackest Ever Black imprint the tracks embed themselves in your sub conscience like a nightmare of sleep on the nightbus home on a empty windswept winters night.

There is something in the nagging electronic minimalism that calls to mind early Cabaret Voltaire if they had been raised in Croydon and not Sheffield. Beautiful echoes of the instrumental interludes of the This Mortal Coil LPs on 4AD dubbed by the ghost of King Tubby ripple through the tracks.

Martin Hannetts use of space is something else that springs to mind, the artwork has shades of Peter Savilles work for Factory Records. However is completely unfair of me to reduce this to a series of dated musical references.

The EP is far from an exercise in tasteful post- modernism. With is thickets of sunlight vocal vapers, bone dry bass and heavy echo it is very 2010. The bass frequencies add a low end dread and a wonderful speaker buckling vibrancy to the sound. Let there be darkness.

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