Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raime EP Review

The debut release from Raime is an arty, post-dubstep treacle black delight. Details about ehe duo are as sparse as the bands fractured soundscapes. Released on Blackest Ever Black imprint the tracks embed themselves in your sub conscience like a nightmare of sleep on the nightbus home on a empty windswept winters night.

There is something in the nagging electronic minimalism that calls to mind early Cabaret Voltaire if they had been raised in Croydon and not Sheffield. Beautiful echoes of the instrumental interludes of the This Mortal Coil LPs on 4AD dubbed by the ghost of King Tubby ripple through the tracks.

Martin Hannetts use of space is something else that springs to mind, the artwork has shades of Peter Savilles work for Factory Records. However is completely unfair of me to reduce this to a series of dated musical references.

The EP is far from an exercise in tasteful post- modernism. With is thickets of sunlight vocal vapers, bone dry bass and heavy echo it is very 2010. The bass frequencies add a low end dread and a wonderful speaker buckling vibrancy to the sound. Let there be darkness.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Order - Live Woolwich April 1987

New Order - Live Woolwich London April 1987

This was the first time I ever saw New Order live and in my home town, well my part of London. It was a warm up gig I believe for a bigger date in London the following week.

I bought a copy of the gig on tape from a small ad in the back of the Melody Maker. My first proper gig and my first bootleg rolled into one. I lost the tape years ago and have been attempting to track in down online for ages.

At last I found a copy of it here :

Its a recording from the crowd and as I listened to the gig for the first time in best part of 20 years I could still remember the between song banter. Barney being rather cutting about South East London, the great ad lib in the middle of Face Up, the storming version of Temptation.

It was an great gig and New Order encored with a version of Atmosphere when they never did encores of played Joy Division songs.

To top it off they then played a rare Velvet Underground song "
Do The Ostrich" one of only seven times they played the song.

1 Ceremony
2 Paradise
3 Shellshock
4 Way of Life
5 Your Silent Face
6 Every Little Counts
7 Subculture
8 Face Up
9 Temptation
10 Bizarre Love Triangle
11 Sunrise
12 Atmosphere
13 Do The Ostrich

Friday, October 01, 2010

Vic Chesnutt Live at Lee's Palace on 2009-11-07 Download

A wonderful live performance by the wonderful and sadly missed Vic Chesnutt.
The whole show is available for download for

I have loved Vic Chesnutt since seeing play live at Moles Club in Bath on the Drunk Tour.
It was one of the most effecting and emotion gigs I have ever seen. I was hooked and have been ever since.

There is a great review of the gig that this recording is taken from here on the great blog Mechanical Forest of Sound:

This is great stripped back version of Supernatural one of my favourite songs of Vic's.
I really miss the man's music.