Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Reviews Jonsi, Magentic Fields, Los Campesions

New Reviews online of Jonsi, Magnetic Fields and Los Campesions!

I have a some new reviews up online. Go and have a read if you have time.

Jonsi - Go @ Kev Chino

"You can hear the ghosts of The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev’s fractured take on the cosmic American music flittered through Beck’s faulty laptop all over the songs, the spliced edits and soaring string sections all too commonplace. The songs aim for epic grandeur, but more often than not come off sounding bombastic......"

Magnetic Fields - Realism @ Music OMH

"Realism is his conscious, folky retort to Distortion's blistered speaker excess. The records were conceived as a pair, companion pieces, sharing artwork and Merritt's arch wit and elan. And Realism is no limp watercolour acoustic guitar record. The rules that governed the recording sessions where simple; nothing that need to be plugged in was allowed."

Los Campesinos - Romance Is Boring @ Music OMH

"The record is crammed full of their trademark bleakly humorous lyrics; lyrics that pick at love like it's a scab that needs a trip to the clinic to sort out. The lyrical obsessions are imparted over a template that has expanded on their trademark indie rumble...."

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