Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Music Podcast - From A Hilltop

I have final started my podcasts. Its something I have been meaning to do for an age but have never found the time to do it. I have set up a new website for the free music podast.

This is my first attempt so be gentle with me!

The From a Hilltop podcast has the following track listing:

Smiletron – Vestige


Ko-cha –Forget Pressure

Braids - Lemonade

Why Do The Stars Twinkle - Hy Zaret

Nic Bommarito - Better Than Way Too Post-Rock

Focus Group we are coming to dance with you

Phosphorescent – Mermaid Parade

Dum dum girls –Jail la la

His Name is Alive – One Year (Minotaur Shock remix)

Kristen Hersh – Missippi Kite (demo)

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