Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snatch Tapes 30th Anniversary Tape

The wonderful DIY sound art producer Snatch Tapes have a free release on their website to mark their 30th Anniversary. It has two tracks to download and record to tape. Labels and cover art. You can also send your tape to them for them to frank and record as a collectors item.

I am a lover of the cassettes and find them a wonderful source of field recordings and untraceable music.

Snatch Tapes describe the music on Carriage Returns.

"Focussing on music and voice-overs originally recorded for various film and video projects Carriage Return weaves a fragmented narration concerning ghost sightings, car crashes, ley lines and hidden bends in and around Bluebell Hill in Kent, England. Mixed with the spoken words is prepared piano, VCS3 synth, circuit bent Casio, shortwave radio, pots and pans and the usual melodic cacophony we have come to expect from Snatch Tapes."

Well Worth a listen and I am off to record mine onto tape tonight.

Snatch Tapes - Carriage Returns

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