Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Clash Magazine Download

Bought a copy of Clash to read on the train back from London the this week. I always find something worth the cover price in terms of new music. I can live without the Enemy - heavens they are so dull and the interview is riddled with the inconsistencies of youth.

Tom Clarke goes out of his way to point out how normal he is and how he wanted the new record to sound like they do live. Then in the next breath talks about the backward drums and reverb on one track and how much he loves Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. Hardly a live sounding records!

The free download they are current offering is rather wonderful.

Its worth the short download time just for Bleach - Mondays. Sisters Jennifer and Katherine O’Neill fashion a garage band storm with its nagging riff and soring vocals its a little bit of heaven for free.

Worthy mention to the bassline remix of the Virgins track Rich Girls that swirls and sways on top of well a spongy bassline and a wobbler!

You can go get it all here - June Cross Section Download

Good work Clash!

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