Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Number 7 - Glasvegas - Self Titled

Glasvegas - Glasvegas

I very nearly didn’t get beyond the name conjuring as it does the image of some terrible wedding band. Then there was the hype – Best New Band in Britain headlines that make you yawn and laugh long and hearty about Suede. Thankfully they sound like the love child of a drunken tryst between The Jesus and Mary Chain and Lily Allen. All corrosive feedback squall, submerged melodic gold and whip smart modern lyrics. The looked like they needed sunlight, orange juice and a good nights sleep. Imagine the Velvet Underground sharing a half time tangerine with Philip Larkin and Alex Turner. The choruses are huge, the soul deep and clobber blacker than black. Odes to social workers as angels in a world of post baby P witch hunts. Scotland The Brave.

Glasvegas - Website

Tony Heywood (C)

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