Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You Tube Cover of the Week PJ Harvey Dress

You Tube Cover of the Week PJ Harvey Dress

I seem to spend a large amount of my spare time watching music clips on you tube and I have become increasing interested in the rough hewn cover versions that appear on the site.

I will endeavor to bring you my favorite cover each week.

The honour of the Highway Five cover of the week goes to:

djambas cover of PJ Harvey’s Dress

With just her acoustic guitar and a soaring voice djambas strips the song back to its harsh and aching core.

This version of Dress is much closer to the demo version of the song than the one released as a single The conflict between desire and self loathing that forms the centrifugal force of Dress is highlighted perfectly in djambas no thrills cover version.

I am sure Polly would be proud.