Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Larks - The New American Music Club

This is the myspace page of the new guys in AMC.


There are three tracks on the page. Its a sweet indie pop jangle with sunshine harmonies and some clever musical hooks. Its really not dark enough to be in the same league as classic American Music Club. I am interested to hear how its going to effect or compliment Marks songs. It maybe and case of Vudi meets the textures of West the record that Mark recorded with Peter Buck. Vudi's guitar playing adds so much texture to Mark's songs I am interested to hear how it will play out against a different rhythm section.

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Martina said...

The Larks were an extraordinary group: beloved by collectors today and revered by their peers at the time. The history of the Larks begins with spiritual singer Thermon Ruth, who had formed the Selah Jubilee Singers in Brooklyn around 1927, By the 1940s; they were operating out of North Carolina and were composed of Thermon Ruth, Alden Bunn, Junius Parker, Melvin Coldten, and Jimmy Gorham. The Selahs had a daily program of jubilee music that aired over WPTF in Raleigh.

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