Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Live on David Letterman

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Live on David Letterman

When I heard that the Mary Chain had removed for series of live dates this summer I was worried. I am always worried when my favourite bands reform. Where they going to piss all over their own legacy for a quick buck, a pension plan and a last chance to play the rock star?

Is it just the dollar signs that see them put aside musical and personnel issues? They imploded so violently, on stage and with flying fists. Stir in the intensity of a fractured sibling rivalry and the likely hood of a reunion looked slim.
For once I needn’t have worried. The Jesus and Mary Chain have returned, wired, bruised, lithe and punching above their weight.

They paraded their warped pop sensibilities on David Letterman. Unleashing the wonderful All Things Must Pass. Its built around a riff as taut as a junkies tourniquet. Jim Reid looked younger than he did ten years ago. His voice as beautifully frayed as ever. The lyrics pure Mary Chain, drugs, sex, violence let loose on prime time US TV. Smart ! William coaxed sheets of buzz saw noise from his guitar, his manic curly head down firing out that killer riff against a backdrop of tribal drumming.

After the terribly thin, lacklustre Stooges reunion record this clip is a relief. Now get in the studio and let’s have a new album soon.

To download the audio go here:

This is great new interview with Jim and William from the Guardian

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