Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Mercury Music Prize

My Thoughts on The Mercury’s:

So the Artic Monkeys drunkenly stumbled off with the Mercury Music prize 2006.
Well this is my take on it

(1) The Artic Monkeys where worthy winners (that makes two years in a row for me)
(2) Again I didn’t get to the bookies so lost out on circa £50
(3) Scritti Polliti where great and I have now gone out and bought the record
(4) Richard Hawley seems a lovely bloke but I am glad it didn’t win as Coles Corner could have been written in 1956. ( I am huge fan of it by the way)
(5) The Guillemots looked like a cross between the Grateful Dead and The Art Ensemble of Chicago.
(6) Thom Yorke (YAWN)
(7) Why didn’t Lou Rhodes perform live?
(8) My those Artic Monkeys are young
(9) Why was Jo Whiley pressuring them to give the money away- had seen given her fee to charity one wonders
Since they gave the award to M People they seem to just ignore pop music? Why?
(10) Mark Lanegan is a very scary man.

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iff said...

Really been enjoying your blog, especially all the AMC content and the found-sound link. I posted on it today in my morning roundup and added you to my blogroll.
My fledgling blog is, and I mostly cover singer-songwriters in the Eitzelian vein, with some digressions. Hope you can check it out-