Friday, September 15, 2006

Jesus and Mary Chain Psychocandy Review

The sound that The Jesus and Mary created was famously described as like hearing a chainsaw in a hurricane. It¹s a barbwire kiss. It¹s a nightmare of static and honey. Based around the core duo of brothers William and Jim Reid their debut LP still sounds as raw, electrifying and chaotic as it did in 1985. This is pop music eviscerated. Beautiful melodies debased by screaming feedback. Classic chord progression burnt and buried beneath sheets of shrill white noise. Pop toyed with and tarnished.Psychocandy is the perfect title for this collection of dazzling melodies haunted by the ghost of the Velvet Underground. The band exploded onto the indie scene in the UK in 1984-85.Their harsh black leather take on the outside stance offering stark relief to the fey strumming that dominated at the time. Bathed in a dissolute wasp nest of feedback these where howls of romantic nihilism. Simple, short, brutal exercises in the art of the classic pop single. This is Phil Spector¹s wall of sound bashed out by John Cale and Iggy Pop.From the opening scream of Just Like Honey the Reid brothers drop nothing but classic track after classic track. The basic reverb drenched drumming is provided by Bobby Gillespie. His lack of technical ability amplifies the beautiful naivety of the songs. It¹s the battle between the sonic battering and the sweetness of the music that gives the material it¹s power. These are dark places, dank with desperation but brisling with aggression and strident song writing. Anyone with a faint interest in the glory of guitar music should own this record already. If you don¹t have a copy and you love your music loud, difficult and loaded with attitude then buy this album. Revel in its beautiful chaos

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