Friday, September 08, 2006

Arab Strap Split

Arab Strap Split

It looks as if those Scottish masters of the miserable and mundane, the mighty Arab Strap have called last orders on their career. I will miss their ability to turn the prosaic into poetic. The stark, often brutal and always honest lyrical approach was something highly original and groundbreaking. Moffat’s revelations on the darker side of desire and the language used where a break from the standard indie issue song writing of the day. The glimpses beneath the filthy bed sheets, the cum stains and come downs broke new ground. If the likes of Pulp alluded to the world of readers wives and affairs Arab Strap documented it without irony or glamour. I for one will miss them.

Ten years on from the release of “The First Big Weekend of The Summer” they have drowned the dregs of their pint glasses for the last time.

A statement on the bands website states:

“There’s no animosity, no drama, we simply feel we’ve run our course and The Last Romance seems to us the most obvious and logical final act of the Arab Strap studio adventure.”

The duo of Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton are now set to focus on their solo careers.

Arab Strap Split

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CC said...

I read about this earlier too, tis a real shame - I saw Malcolm Middleton at Greenman festival recently though and he was quite amazing, if thoroughly depressing. Lets hope Aiden Moffat has something equally as great hidden up his sleeve. If not lets hope he continues with his painting!