Friday, August 25, 2006

Tape Findings

This is a wonderful site I have just discovered that places up found sound, voice recordings and band demos that have been disguarded by their owners. There is hours of amazing found sound here. It will take me weeks to go through it all.
Favorites so far:

1 - Kids Radio DJ 1973 (A young kid putting together is own radio show)
2 - Law Terms (A women hunting for a legal secretary job practicing her legal terms)
3- Astrology 1957 - (A low quality tape with a spooky atomsphere of a guy giving an astrological reading from 1957)

The possibilites are endless with these tapes. Remixing and electronic treatments would warp and bend this source material into different fractured shapes. A real treasure trove.

Welcome to Tape Findings. This site is an archive of one of a kind cassette tape recordings and other odd sounds that I have discovered throughout my years searching thrift stores and garage sales. I hope you find them as fascinating as I do. Enjoy!

Tape Findings

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