Monday, August 14, 2006

New Reviews Lambchop, Espers, Union of Knives

A Clutch of New Music reviews.

His a selection of new reviews that I have written lately. They include a review of Lambchop – Damaged, Union of Knives - Violence And Birdsong, The Espers, Transmissionary Six, Junior Boys and The Dears.

Lambchop – Damaged
Kurt and Co’s 9th LP, a wonderful heartbreaking collection of Damaged songs.

  • Lambchop - Damaged

  • Union of Knives – Violence and Birdsong
    Scottish bands misfiring attempt to blend rock and dance.
  • Union of Knives – Violence and Birdsong

  • Espers – Espers II
    New weird folk bands second full length LP, that’s frankly not weird enough for me.
  • Espers – Espers II

  • Transmissionary Six – Radar
    Great gloomy masterpiece.
  • Transmissionary Six - Radar

  • The Dears - Ticket To Immortality
    Messy and disappointing new single from the Canadian Smiths
  • The Dears –Ticket To Immortality

  • Junior Boys - In The Morning
    A great return from the masters of mournful disco
  • Junior Boys - In The Morning
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