Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mono/Noise - wonderful electronics on myspace

I came across this beautiful music while searching around myspace this week.

This is the little bit of blurb in his bio:

mono/noise is the alter ego of Hilmar Már Gunnarsson. Born in Reykjavik but currently living in Copenhagen where he studies multimedia. In-between playing video games and his general lazyness he finds time to write the odd bit of music. He is also a member of the electronic duo Sveimar and three piece Canor wich is currently inactive

The tracks are stunning, slowing unfolding like a slow dawn.

Hausfrn which is Icelandic for autumn is perfect. Its opens with a low murmur of electronics that hangs in the air, the rhythm is click a clipped beat. Hilmar slowly adds sounds, textures and sparkling shards of melody. It has the warmth, the haunting feeling if nostalgia that seeps through the work of Boards of Canada. It is seven minutes of bliss.

Godar Stundir
is built around a static glitch and a bass sound that bubbles like a stream. Again the melody is sharp but wistful. A bucolic, pastoral electronica. This is electronics painting sunsets and ice covered wastelands not urban sprawl.

Skynjandi is so minmal its almost absent. From a sample cymbol the track evolves to emcompass a synth part that sounds like an old analogue video game. The notes tapped out in a binary morse code. Its strength lies in the gentle arrangement and hidden textures.

This is shimmering. Please go listen.



Dom said...

Great blog - good to see a fellow Brit blogger!

Thanks for stoping by & linking up my blog "suga-cut" - I've @ long last got round to a new post, & of course reciprocated on the link front.

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